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December 2013
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i-xvi, 1-237
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International Organization on Migration (IOM) and the Asia Research Center on Migration (ARCM), Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University.

Migration has become a critical issue of our times in both transnational politics and the domestic politics of countries of the North and the South. The book considers the complexities of migration in Southeast Asia from multiple perspectives. At the macro level, these complexities include the economic drivers of migration, the impact of increased environmental disasters and the impact on the movement of people and the challenges encountered, gender as an enduring but adaptive process in the discourse on migration, and the limitation of state-centric approaches while recognizing the central role the State continues to play. At the micro level, these include how decisions to migrate are made at the individual and household levels; for example, family members or individuals choosing to undertake migration for the purposes of enhancing opportunities for work and status in life offers both opportunities and risks to present and future prospects. In considering the many aspects of migrants’ risks, rights, protections and opportunities, and how they interact with social and environmental vulnerabilities, the book aims to identify important new trends, unfolding dynamics and key concerns, and propose workable approaches to their redress.

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Chantavanich, Supang
Middleton, Carl
Michiko, Ito


Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

With 165 member states, a further 8 states holding observer status and offices in over 100 countries, IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

The Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM) functions within the Institute of Asian Studies (IAS), Chulalongkorn University. It is thus a proud element of Thailand’s premier institution of higher education, which occupies magnificent tree-shaded campus in the midst of Bangkok.

ARCM grew out of an earlier unit of the IAS, the Indochinese Refugee Information Center (IRIC), which had been established in 1987 to observe and study the movement of refugees from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and other points of Southeast Asian origin in search of asylum in Thailand.




Chulalongkorn University was established in 1917 by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) who named it after his father, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), who laid the foundations for modern education in Thailand.

Vision 2012-2017

Chulalongkorn University is Thailand’s source of knowledge and reference, a guiding light of wisdom for sustainable development.

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