A study from the perspectives of the forest's owners designated by the Matsudo City green regulations about the opening the privately owned forests | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

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March 2015
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This study is based on the Forest's Owners designated by the Matsudo City Green Regulations. It aims is develop the current Conservation Policy State on Privately Owned Forests and those forests open to the local residents, as well as to examine the achievements and tasks of public visit management and cooperation with citizen's organizations. In this survey we gave a questionnaire to the landowners, and conducted an interview with the personal from the local government offices. As a result, we discovered that more than 40% of the landowners want support of citizen's organizations of Matsudo; as well too they expect reduction of maintenance costs, guaranteed maintenance, as well as reduction of complaints from the neighborhood residents. The most interesting subject is the Opening the Privately Owned Forests to public people, with this visits earn benefits, as natural places walking and anti-crimes measures. However, now the forest's owners they have several issues that they need, for example, consider the reduction or cooperation of forest's management and stop the illegal garbage dumping around their areas.

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Yoon, M. Yanai, S.

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