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January 2011
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Land is the fundamental income sources for farmers. However, farmers stay in disadvantaged state in the political, economic and social aspects. Their land is exploited and occupied, which facilitates the rapid development of economy, as well as brings the gap between the poor and the rich and the inharmonious disputes. The necessity for protecting the land right of farmers under the new situation is expounded, covering the necessity of carrying out the relevant agricultural policies; the necessity of improving rural economic status and narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas; the necessity of reducing land disputes and constructing harmonious society. The violation of farmers’ land rights is analyzed from two aspects. The first one is the violation of farmers’ land right in land tenure section , which includes the lack of ecological compensation system the lack of contract operation right; the second one is the violation of farmers’ land right in land transfer section, including the absence of land requisition system, substandard land contract and land transfer and the limitation of house stead circulation; the third one is the vacant of land development right affects farmers’ share of enjoying the added value of land. The countermeasures for protecting farmers’ land rights are put forward. The first one is clarify land property; the second one is normalize and perfect land requisition system; the third one is appropriately loosen rural land transfer policies; the fourth one is establish ecological compensation and land development right compensation system.

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Wei, Feng-xiu

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