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The Proclamation shall apply to all mining operations, i.e. acts carried out to prospect, explore and mine for minerals within the territory of Eritrea. No person may carry out any mining operations without a license granted under this Proclamation. A person applying for a right must be eligible in accordance with section 5. Certain criteria do not apply to persons wishing to acquire an Artisanal mining right (as defined in section 2). Any Eritrean may prospect without a license on land not already subject to an existing license or application for a license. The Government may designate areas reserved for or excluded form specified mining operations (sect. 6). Section 8 defines a prospecting license, whereas section 9 provide for exploitation licenses. Discoveries of existence of minerals shall be immediately notified to the Controller, i.e. a person appointed by the Licensing Authority to control mining operations (sects. 12 and 13). An Artisanal mining license may be granted in respect of a part of the surface of an area subject t an existing exploration license (sect. 14). Sections 16 and 17 deal with mining licenses. Mineral water may be used or produced in accordance with section 18. Sections 20 to 27 specify rights and obligations of licensees. The licensee may occupy land covered by the license during the term of the license. All types of licenses shall be issued by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Water Resources acting as Licensing Authority (sect. 43). Section 45 deals with registration and representation of licensees. Section 48 concerns settlement of disputes.

Implemented by: Regulations on mining operations (L.N. No. 19/1995). (1995-03-20)

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