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Library Liberia Draft Land Rights Act 2013 (pending)

Liberia Draft Land Rights Act 2013 (pending)

Liberia Draft Land Rights Act 2013 (pending)
Land Rights Act

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June 2014
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Article 3: 

"1. The purpose of this Act is: a) To define and delineate the different categories of land ownership and rights recognized in Liberia; b) To prescribe the means by which each of the categories of land may be acquired, used, transferred and otherwise managed; c) To ensure that all communities, families, individuals and legal entities enjoy secure land rights free of fear that their land will be taken from them, except in accordance with due process of law; and d) To confirm, declare and ensure equal access and equal protection with respect to land ownership, use and management, including ensuring that Customary Land is given protection equal to Private Land and that land ownership is permitted for all Liberians regardless of their identity, whether based on custom, ethnicity, tribe, language, gender or otherwise."

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