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November 1995
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Chapter 1 - UNHCR's Mandate for Voluntary Repatriation:
1.1 The Statute;
1.2 The 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees;
1.3 General Assembly Resolutions;
1.4 UNHCR Executive Committee Conclusions;
1.5 Requests by the Secretary-General;
1.6 Summary of the Current UNHCR Mandate for Voluntary
Chapter 2 - The Protection Content of Voluntary Repatriation:
2.1 International Human Rights Instruments and the Right to Return;
2.2 Cessation of Status and Fundamental Changes in the Country of
2.3 Voluntariness;
2.4 Ensuring Return in Safety and with Dignity;
2.5 Responsibilities of the Host Country;
2.6 Responsibilities of the Country of Origin...
Chapter 3 - UNHCR's Role in Voluntary Repatriation Operations:;
3.1 Promotion of Solutions, Promotion of Repatriation, Facilitation
3.2 Profile of the Refugee Community and of the Country of Origin;
3.3 "Organized" and "Spontaneous" Repatriation: Being Prepared;
3.4 Cross-Border Coordination;
3.5 Communication in Repatriation Operations: Whom Do We Talk
3.6 Repatriation Negotiations and Agreements;
3.7 New Arrivals;
3.8 Residual Caseload...
Chapter 4 - Voluntariness: Practical Measures:
4.1 Establishing the Voluntary Character of Repatriation;
4.2 Information Campaigns;
4.3 Interviewing, Counselling and Registration;
4.4 Computerization...
Chapter 5 - Repatriation in Complex Political Circumstances:
5.1 Repatriation During Conflict;
5.2 Repatriation as Part of a Political Settlement...
Chapter 6 - UNHCR's Role in the Country of Origin:
6.1 UNHCR's Mandate for Returnee Monitoring;
6.2 Returnee Monitoring: Amnesties and Guarantees, Monitoring,
Reporting, Intervening;
6.3 Internally Displaced Person;
6.4 Reintegration – the Anchor to Repatriation;
6.5 Landmines...
Chapter 7 - Vulnerable Groups:
7.1 General Considerations;
7.2 Unaccompanied Children;
7.3 Tracing...
Chapter 8 - Other Important Aspects:
8.1 Personal Belongings, Cash Holdings, Livestock, Pension
8.2 Health;
8.3 Education;
8.4 Security Considerations and Transport Arrangements;
8.5 Repatriation and Elections in the Country of Origin;
8.6 Repatriation of Individual Cases...
Chapter 9 - Interagency and NGO Cooperation...
Annex 1. Checklists...
Annex 2. Executive Committee Conclusions 18 (XXXXI) and 40 (XXXVI).

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