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July 1880
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INDIA ACT XII, 1880.....

"Whereas by the preamble to Act No. XI of 18642 it was (among other things) declared that it
was inexpedient that the appointment of the Kazi-ul- Kuzaat, or of City, Town or Pargana Kazis,
should be made by the Government, and by the same Act the enactments relating to the
appointment by the Government- of the said officers were repealed ; and
Whereas by the usage of the Muhammadan community [ * * * * ] the presence of Kazis
appointed by the Government is required at the celebration of marriages and the performance of
certain other rites and ceremonies, and it is therefore expedient that the Government should again
be empowered A to appoint persons to the office of Kazi; It is hereby enacted as follows:...

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