Unusual partnerships: Lessons for landscapes and livelihoods from the Doe Mae Salong landscape, Thailand | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

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December 2012
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This paper describes the interventions undertaken in the Doe Mao Salong watershed in an effort to restore the landscape and improve the livelihoods of local communities. Interventions included forming multi-stakeholder platforms to facilitate dialogue and to ensure participatory land-use planning; the creation of tree nurseries for forest rehabilitation; identifying products for sale in local markets; and a focus on action learning. Land-tenure arrangements proved key to these interventions. The report describes the impacts. One major take-away is that formal, legislated land tenure rights are not always a pre-condition for encouraging sustainable practices in the landscape. Informally recognizing access and land-use rights can go a long way towards encouraging sustainable practices.

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Rattanasorn, Tawatchai Fisher, Bob; Kugel, Carolin

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