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Land Corruption in Africa
23 April 2024
Southern Africa

This webinar will explore this intersection with stories from across the continent. Speakers will show how corruption undermines land equity programs designed to address the concentration of wealth and inequality in the land sector in South Africa, and how corruption exacerbates the historical marginalization of the Nubian community in Kenya, among other examples. Speakers will also explore how governments and civil society can effectively respond to the research findings, with a focus on policies and campaigns that promote accountability and information transparency in land governance. 

Land Portal Foundation
Transparency International
4 March 2024

March 5, 2024 — In 2023, four land-sector organizations came together, with support from the European Commission (EC), to strengthen the central role of data in securing equitable land rights for sustainable development, poverty eradication, peace and the protection of human rights. The EC Land Data Partnership, which includes the International Land Coalition (coordinating the partnership), the Land Portal Foundation, the Land Matrix Initiative, and Prindex, published their Joint Statement of Intention in recognition of International Open Data Day. 

State of Land Information in Liberia, Mozambique, & Sudan
23 January 2024

We are proud to announce the release of three State of Land Information reports, which detail the land information status in Mozambique, Liberia, and Sudan. These comprehensive reports provide an in-depth analysis of the current land information systems, legal frameworks, and data accessibility in these countries.

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10 September 2024 to 13 September 2024


Radisson Blu Livingston

Theme: Smart Cities in Africa for the 21st Century

IoS Fair Transitions Platform & LANDac
3 July 2024 to 5 July 2024


Utrecht University Utrecht

Building on the successful collaboration in last year’s Annual Conference, the IoS Fair Transitions Platform (UU) and LANDac are pleased to launch this Call for a second joint Conference, which will have a somewhat different set-up from what you are used to and end with a Summit. We welcome your suggestions for panel sessions and round tables for the first two days. Building on your input, we will conclude on the last day with an experiment of democracy – a more-than human Summit. There will be limited hybrid options for participation in the Conference and the Summit.

IOS Fair Transitions

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14 January 2024

Au regard de la situation actuelle de stress hydrique, les priorités doivent changer. Il est évident que le plus urgent est d’approvisionner les citoyens en eau potable, ensuite vient l’irrigation des terres agricoles. Au Maroc, la part en eau du secteur agricole est en chute libre depuis 2021.

25 March 2024

Elles représentent plus de 20% de la superficie du Maroc et sont estimées à environ 1.180 milliards de dirhams. Loués ou cédés, les 15 millions d’hectares de terres disponibles pourraient fortement contribuer au développement du pays.

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