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Dezembro 2005
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Globally, according to FRA 2000, planted forests accounted for only 5% of forest area, but up to 35% of industrial roundwood supply. This is anticipated to rise to 40-44% by 2020. Planted forests reflect a higher social, environmental and economic importance than their area would suggest. Many countries have existing planted forest data that is not based upon forest inventory, is incomplete and often outdated. Thus it is difficult to measure and plan the quantity and quality of planted forest resources and the provision of goods and services that they supply. FAO through the kind assistance of all the member countries is concluding the Forest Resources Assessment 2005 (FRA 2005), the exercise on data collection for the most important parameters useful to assess the status and trends of forests and their goods and services in the world. The Planted Forest Thematic Study will supplement and complement the work undertaken by FRA 2005 for selected countries, by providing more detail for the Planted Component of Semi-Natural Forests and Plantation Forests (Productive and Protective). This information and data will allow analyses on the regional and global status and trends for Planted Forest development, to assist in improving formulation of policies, outlook studies, planning, management, monitoring and reporting. This Working Paper contains background explanations and questionnaire guidelines to assist FRA National Correspondents and Planted Forest Specialists in the selected countries to complete the survey tables. This is the first time that the Planted Component of Semi-Natural Forests has been combined with Plantation Forests to make up the Planted Forest Sub-group. This is being done to provide a more realistic picture of the status and trends of wood, fibre, non-wood forest products and services from Planted Forests.

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