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Land Portal Foundation Receives €1.6 Million Grant from European Union

16 February 2023

17 February 2023 — The Land Portal Foundation has been selected by the European Union (EU) for a €1.6 million grant, a decision that underscores the organization’s vital role in the land governance sector. The funds will accelerate the Land Portal’s work to bring the land governance and open data…

Indigenous Indonesians want EU support on land rights

9 November 2022

Indigenous groups in Indonesia ask EU for help enshrining rights as part of free-trade agreement

Infographic: How wetlands can help fight climate change

2 February 2022

Wetlands – land consisting of swamps or marshes – have, during the centuries, been demonised as places of pestilence, drained for agriculture or urban development, and polluted or paved over. But today, they are emerging as crucial ecosystems in the fight against climate change. The…

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EU protection for indigenous land rights

EU protection for indigenous land rights needed to help stem forest loss

2 September 2022

The European Union is moving towards regulation that will require companies to respect the rights of Indigenous peoples in their value chains, helping curb tropical forest loss The European Union’s environment committee decided this month to include protections for Indigenous peoples and other…

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Webinar - Land Consolidation Legislation: FAO Legal Guide and Its Application at the Country Level

Land consolidation is a well-proven land management instrument, which has traditionally been used for agricultural development with a main objective of reducing land fragmentation and increasing holding and farm sizes. Some European countries have a land consolidation tradition that goes back a…