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Northern America

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Indigenous hunters are protecting animals, land and waterways

21 August 2019

Canada aims to conserve 17 per cent of its land and fresh water by the end of 2020. This noble objective will help protect water, air, food and biodiversity and improve the health of humans. Indigenous peoples in Canada are a part of this conservation movement. As they hunt, gather and harvest,…

Where the forest has no name

24 May 2019

North America’s temperate rainforest extends some 2,500 miles from California to the Gulf of Alaska, providing important habitat for many species and playing a big role in global carbon sequestration. However, despite its uniqueness, there is no officially recognized name for the whole of the…

'We're not extinct': marchers in US call for indigenous rights

18 January 2019

Native groups are struggling with land encroachment by governments and logging, mining and agribusiness companies WASHINGTON - Indigenous people from across the globe gathered in the U.S. capital on Friday for a march drawing attention to social and environmental injustices against indigenous…

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The Role of Open Data in  the Fight against Land Corruption

The Role of Open Data in the Fight against Land Corruption

    Opening up land-related administrative data, combining it with data from other sources  and processing and making this data available as easily accessible information for women and men equally could be a means to counteracting land corruption in land management, land administration and land…