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Bibliothèque Earthmoving Regulations (Chapter 2401-1).

Earthmoving Regulations (Chapter 2401-1).

Earthmoving Regulations (Chapter 2401-1).

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Regulations promulgated by the Republic of Palau Environmental Quality Board (“the Board”). They regulate earthmoving operations, i.e. any construction or other activity which disturbs or alters the surface of the land, coral reef or bottom of lagoons (reg. 3). All earthmoving operations in Palau shall be conducted in accordance with these Regulations and in such a way as to prevent accelerated erosion or accelerated sedimentation (reg. 4). Erosion and sedimentation control measures shall be set forth in a plan to be prepared by qualified persons in accordance with requirements laid down in reg. 6 and presented by an applicant to the Board (regs. 4 and 5). If a project involves the marine environment, additional requirements of reg. 7 shall apply. Regulation 9 lists erosion and sedimentation control measures to be incorporated in all earthmoving operations, whereas regulation 10 specifies control facilities. Removed material shall be disposed of in accordance with discharge rules laid down in regs.12 and 13. Remaining provisions deal with (procedures for) permits and enforcement.

Amended by: Amendment to the Earthmoving Regulations (Chapter 2401-1). (1999-03-12)

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