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Avril 2015
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This country note for Moldova is part of
a series of country briefs that summarize information
relevant to climate change and agriculture for four pilot
countries in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region, with
a particular focus on climate and crop projections,
adaptation options, policy development and institutional
involvement. The note series has been developed to provide a
baseline of knowledge on climate change and agriculture for
the pilot countries participating in the regional program on
reducing vulnerability to climate change in ECA agricultural
systems. This note for Moldova was shared with the
Government and other agricultural sector stakeholders and
used as an engagement tool for a National Awareness Raising
and Consultation Workshop, held in Chisinau in October 2009.
Feedback and comments on the note from this consultation
process have been incorporated into this updated version in
collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Industry (MAFI).

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