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Community Organizations Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia
Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia
Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia
Governmental institution
Phone number
01 51 36 600


Gospodinjska ulica 6
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Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia is the umbrella interest organization of natural and legal persons in the Republic of Slovenia engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishery. Its central task is to protect and represent their interests, to consult them and accelerate economical and environment friendly activities.

Preferential tasks:

  • Acceleration of development and improvement of economic conditions
  • Assurance of specialist services operation
  • Co-formation of legislation
  • Improvement of social conditions in life
  • Keeping settlement of Slovenian rural areas
  • Promotion of Slovenian agriculture at home and abroad

Specialist services of the chamber:

  • Agricultural advisory service
  • Selection and monitoring production in stockbreeding
  • Forestry advisory service
  • Centers for fruit-growing and nursery



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Conservation of ecologically important and waterside areas with sustainable forage production

Conference Papers & Reports
Décembre, 2014

From April to September 2014 the field experiment to determine responsiveness of plants to a depth of sowing and the economic and environmental value of dry matter yield on ecologically important and/or waterside areas was carried out in the valley of the river Pesnica (Zamarkova). The experiment was designed as split-plot with four replications. The plants treatments on main plots were: alfalfa (

The structure of slovenian traditional pig breed populations on family-farms

Conference Papers & Reports
Décembre, 2013

Population structure of Slovenian traditional pig breeds is presented. The aim of this study is to point out problems encountered in small populations of Slovenian Landrace line 11 and 55, Slovenian Large White, and Pietrain. Advantages and disadvantages of breeding Slovenian traditional breeds, as well as proposals to improve the situation in these populations are presented. Desired number of bre

The possibilities for recultivation of overgrown areas in Slovenia

Conference Papers & Reports
Décembre, 2011

Still, more agricultural land is getting abandoned in Slovenia, specially in less favored areas. Such process of degradation of fertile land is most intensively present in the Obalno-kraska region and Goriska. Similar happens with grassland in mountain region as less and less animals which are suitable for that region are bred there. To prevent brush encroachment and to start recultivation of aban

Development strategies for green fodder production in Hungary

Conference Papers & Reports
Décembre, 2011

Arable fields make up 60 % of the total area of Hungary; in Europe, this rate is higher only in Denmark. Ecological conditions are favourable but organic matter resources in the soil have been depleted in the past 20 years and draughts threaten production in an increasing area. Animal husbandry - including the keeping of cattle, sheep and pig - has been reduced to its third in the past 20 years. P

Nutrient supply on field in the region Pomurje

Conference Papers & Reports
Décembre, 2008

In the article we processed data of 17.550 analysed samples of the soil in the region Pomurje. These samples were analysed in the Department for Chemical analyses and research at the Agriculture and Forestry Institute Murska Sobota. The data processing results show that field soil in Pomurje is in average very sour, medium humified, with good phosphorus supply and medium potassium supply.