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Date: April 3rd 2016 Source: TeleSUR  Finland's new Forestry Act is poised to rob Sami people of decision-making control over their homelands.
By: Shihab Sarkar Date: August 11th 2016 Source: The Financial Express
By: Mary and Jack Wichita, Mason, Wis.  Date: November 15th 2016 Source: Superior Telegram We are compelled to share the issues that resonate with us about the current pipeline conflict in North Dakota.
By: Malou Liwanag-Bledsoe Date: April 21st 2016 Source: Asian Journal ALTHOUGH the conflict between the Philippine government and the communist rebels in Mindanao has been a long problem that has affected thousands of indigenous people in the area, not many are aware that another issue that is
By Matthew Ponsford Date: August 19th 2016 Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The leader of Brazil's Munduruku indigenous people has appealed for international support to protect his people's ancestral forest land in the remote Amazon following the defeat of
By: Karl Mathiesen Date: 9 December 2016 Source: The Guardian  
By: Fionuala Cregan Date: January 20th 2016 Source: IC Magazine NEW REPORT DOCUMENTS CHALLENGES OF DEFENDING INDIGENOUS LAND RIGHTS IN THE PARAGUAYAN CHACO "We don't care if our struggle involves going to prison or even dying. Our struggle is about justice because the land is ours and our children'
By: Sebastien Malo Date: May 12th 2016 Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A new map shows areas occupied by indigenous people in Central America, using previously untapped native knowledge, that could help claims by local tribes to ancestral land amid rapid
Inclusive approach in concert with Mekong region partners forges unprecedented access to data and information on land For more information, please contact: Neil Sorensen at +33641668648 or    
By: Sean Mowbray Date: February 23rd 2016 Source: Mongabay A ten-part video series, called Territories of Life, tells the stories of indigenous groups who have challenged development on their land. It covers a range of issues, from the tactics developers use to acquire land to case studies of
Date: June 2nd, 2016 Source: Survival International Brazilian Indians are protesting against the country’s political elite’s threats to break up their lands and limit their rights. As the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff moves forward, interim President Michel Temer and his newly

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