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By: Jonathan Watts Date: November 2nd 2016 Source: the Guardian
By: Omaira Bolanos Date: April 1st 2016 Source:  Washington Post Letter to the editors
By: Artemio A. Dumlao Date: August 9th 2016 Source:
By: Kelli Barrett Date: November 13th 2016 Source: Ecosystem Marketplace
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation Author: Matthew Ponsford Picture: Andres Cordoba; A photograph taken during the filming of Colombia's Best Foreign Language Film nominee "Embrace of the Serpent" shows Antonio Bolivar as the protagonist Karamakate, the last surviving member of an Colombian
By: Bernama Date: April 8th 2016 Source: Borneo Post Online PUTRAJAYA: A working committee has been set up to ensure the 50 recommendations by the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) after an inquiry process into the land rights of indigenous peoples of Malaysia are carried out within the
By: Timothy Large Date: August 17th 2016 Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation HAWKER, Australia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Enice Marsh remembers the black clouds of "poison stuff" that billowed from the northwest after British atomic bomb tests in the 1950s spread fallout across swathes of
Source: Climate News Network ​Author: Jan Rocha Ensuring forest people’s land rights in the Amazon region is a cheap and effective way of cutting both carbon emissions and deforestation, researchers say—but the obstacles are formidable.
The original names of the hills, trees, rivers, animals and Bosawas basins are preserved in the Mayangna language. This is proof that these [lands] have been inhabited and cared for by our ancestors,” said Esteban López, vice president of one of the seven indigenous governments that administrate
By: Sophie Morlin-Yron Date: April 25th 2016 Source: The Ecologist Commuting between land rights negotiations in the city and herding goats on the plains, Edward Loure is at once a traditional Maasai and a modern urbanite, writes Sophie Morlin-Yron. That ability to straddle the two very different
By: Helen Davidson Date: August 24th 2016 Source: The Guardian Federal court decision over extinguishment of title in Timber Creek in Northern Territory could leave Australian governments liable for future claims
By: Lisa Nikolau Date: December 21st 2016 Source: Humanosphere An indigenous group in northeast Ecuador said it has detained 11 government soldiers who were traveling through its territory in a canoe amid an ongoing dispute with the government over land rights.

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