Mission report of OHCHR rapid response mission to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh 13-24 September 2017 | Land Portal

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October 2017
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...Credible information indicates that the Myanmar security forces purposely destroyed the
property of the Rohingyas, scorched their dwellings and entire villages in northern Rakhine
State, not only to drive the population out in droves but also to prevent the fleeing Rohingya
victims from returning to their homes. The destruction by the Tatmadaw of houses, fields,
food-stocks, crops, livestock and even trees, render the possibility of the Rohingya returning
to normal lives and livelihoods in the future in northern Rakhine almost impossible. It also
indicates an effort to effectively erase all signs of memorable landmarks in the geography of
the Rohingya landscape and memory in such a way that a return to their lands would yield
nothing but a desolate and unrecognizable terrain. Information received also indicates that the
Myanmar security forces targeted teachers, the cultural and religious leadership, and other
people of influence in the Rohingya community in an effort to diminish Rohingya history,
culture and knowledge...

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