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Cambodia Development Resource Institute

1. Our vision

Inclusive and sustainable development through independent policy research and developing capacity.

2. Our vision For Cambodia
Vision of CDRI, Cambodia Development Resource Institute, is for a peaceful, prosperous and more equitable Cambodia.

3. Our mission

To contribute to Cambodia’s sustainable development and the well-being of its people through the generation of high quality policy research, knowledge dissemination and capacity development.


4. Our core values: MERIT

We create the professional conditions that nurture merit.

We foster excellence, as a professional and personal habit.

We practice a culture of respect and responsibility.

We pledge to live and act with independence and integrity.

We build deep trust through transparent operations and teamwork, capable of achieving the mission and vision of the Institute.

Cambodia Development Resource Institute Resources

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Reports & Research
December 2014

Agricultural production in Cambodia is concentrated in the northwestern districts bordering Thailand, on the central plains surrounding the Tonle Sap Lake and its river systems, along the Mekong and Bassac rivers towards the Mekong delta, and in the northern and northeastern provinces. In 2012, the total land-use area under major agricultural crops was about 4.015 million ha.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2014

Cambodia Development Review is published four times a year in simultaneous English- and Khmer-language editions by the Publisher: CDRI Cambodia Development Resource Institute in Phnom Penh. Cambodia Development Review provides a forum for the discussion of development issues affecting Cambodia. Economy Watch offers an independent assessment of Cambodia’s economic performance.

Reports & Research
December 2013

ABSTRACTED FROM THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This Report analyses Cambodia’s development dynamism over the last two decades and identifies emerging development priorities for the next two. It examines Cambodia’s past performance, emerging priorities and future challenges in economic, social, environmental and political spheres.

Reports & Research
December 2011

ABSTRACTED FROM THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This paper focuses on the role of the rice sector in Cambodian agriculture strategy. The paper first reviews the performance of the rice sector in Cambodian agriculture and rice-related government policies and interventions, and it then identifies potential and constraints for future development of the rice sector.

Reports & Research
December 2010

This 2010-11 Annual Development Review is the sixth annual review produced by CDRI on major development issues for Cambodia, and addresses several of the issues raised above.

Reports & Research
December 2007

ABSTRACTED FROM THE SUMMARY: The impact of land titles on social and economic development and poverty reduction in the rural sector can be optimized by targeting land-titling efforts in areas where government agencies, NGOs, and private investors are actively engaged.

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