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titulo de propriedad

Título de tierras, teniendo en cuenta que un título es un documento de un derecho, demuestra oficialmente la propiedad de alguien sobre un bien inmueble.

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Land Journal Volume 9 Issue 11 cover image
Publicación revisada por pares
Noviembre 2020
República Centroafricana

Development practice over recent years in much of Africa prioritized formalization of land policies deemed to enhance better handling and use of land as an asset for social development. Following this trend, land reform policy in Ghana was based on a pluralistic legal system in which both the customary land tenure system and the statutory system of land ownership and control co-exist by law.

Manual y guías
Mayo 2020

This guide identifies lessons learned and outlines critical steps that countries can apply to their own rural land administration programs as they strive to ensure these programs become more gender and socially inclusive. The document provides a valuable learning resource to help governments and communities implement inclusive land programs.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Febrero 2020
Viet Nam

This paper deepens the economic analysis of the effects of land consolidation – reduction of land fragmentation. It does this in the context of rural Vietnam, studying whether land consolidation promotes or hinders the Vietnamese government's policy objectives of encouraging agricultural mechanization and stimulating the off-farm rural economy.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Febrero 2020

Land tenure, or access and rights to land, is essential to sustain people’s livelihoods. This paper looks at how farm households perceive land tenure (in)security in relation to food (in)security, and how these perceptions evolve throughout different policy periods in Laos.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2019
Viet Nam

Our main objective in this research was to examine the role of land ownership in the choice of household livelihood in the rural Mekong Delta region, Vietnam. Using secondary data on rural households in the Mekong Delta region, we use cluster analysis techniques to classify livelihoods currently adopted by rural households.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2019

ABSTRACTED FROM EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This research analyses the ways in which current changes in land tenure, agrarian and socio-economic systems are reshaping resource allocations and transfers within households in indigenous communities in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia.

Informes e investigaciones
Mayo 2019

Las familias que actualmente habitan en La Esperanza han heredado sus tierras, pues sus ascendientes las ocuparon. Por esta razón y debido a que son personas arraigadas a su territorio, con la construcción de una carretera el problema se agudiza, varias familias migran por tener poca tierra, los pobladores residentes buscan alternativas como el agroturismo y así evitar la migración.

 Indigenous Land Titling Guide
Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
Enero 2019
América del Sur

Ensuring the collective survival of indigenous peoples requires guaranteeing their rights and access to traditional lands. In Colombia, indigenous peoples’ struggle for ancestral land rights has been ongoing for more than four centuries, marked by collective mobilization and pressure before official entities.

Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2018

ABSTRACTED FROM EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This briefing paper is designed to assist and build the capacities of those engaged in formulating an eventual peace agreement concerning the ongoing conflicts in Myanmar with options on how best to address the myriad HLP issues in the country based on similar experiences in other countries.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2018

There has been a trend to encourage organic agriculture in response to improve global food security. This article investigated how organic agriculture contributed to food security of small land holders experiencing organic agriculture.

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17 Febrero 2021

En su estudio Tres décadas de privatización y despojo de la propiedad social en la Península de Yucatán, publicado por Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultra Sostenible A.C.se desmenuzan los mecanismos que permitieron que esas bastas superficies ejidales pasaran a propiedad privada.