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Febrero 2024

Droits des communautés et changement climatique: Quel avenir voulons-nous?

Rapport de synthèse pour un Dialogue sur l'avenir du climate

Author: Initiative des droits et ressources, Rainforest Foundation Norway, Rainforest Foundation US, and Forest Peoples Programme 

Date: février 12, 2024

Enero 2024

Cassava breeding faces obstacles due to late flowering and poor flower and seed set. The acceleration of breeding processes and the reduction in each cycle’s duration hinge upon efficiently conducting crosses to yield ample progeny for subsequent cycles.

Enero 2024

Work package 4 maps rice areas using remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS), and crop modeling. This work builds on the Remote sensing-based Information and Insurance for Crops in Emerging economies (RIICE, http://www.riice.org/) co-developed by IRRI and implemented in South and Southeast Asian countries.

Enero 2024

Livestock route and related resources mapping, understanding their status and better protection of the routes in the pastoral areas are the first steps towards developing the areas.

Enero 2024

Umoja (noun):/ooh-moh-jah/Umoja, is the Swahili philosophy of unity. Its principles underscore the significance of cooperation and communal solidarity. Umoja has historically been associated with various aspects of African social and political life, accentuating the influence of communal synergy in traditional land tenure systems.

Enero 2024
Estados Unidos de América

Since independence, the Government of Sri Lanka has implemented various policies and initiatives to boost agricultural production. One of the enduring, costly, and politically sensitive measures aimed at promoting paddy farming has been the fertilizer subsidy program which was initiated in 1962 and continued for over six decades.

Enero 2024

Contexte et justification :Le feu de végétation demeure une technique de gestion et d’aménagement des aires protégées. Elle peut aussi se révéler négative pour la conservation des écosystèmes forestiers et la biodiversité.But et objectifs :L’étude s’est focalisée sur la dynamique de la végétation et du feu de végétation du Parc National Fazao-Malfakassa (RFFM) au Togo.

Últimas noticias

New UN report shows evidence that Indigenous and Tribal Peoples are the best guardians of the forests of Latin America and the Caribbean
25 Marzo 2021
América Latina y el Caribe

 La mejora de la tenencia de los bosques por parte de los pueblos indígenas y tribales puede reducir las tasas de deforestación y la pérdida de biodiversidad, evitando las emisiones de C02, pero se necesita más inversión para abordar las crecientes amenazas.

15 Septiembre 2020

Estudio aconseja a los Gobiernos reconocer los derechos a la tierra de los pueblos indígenas.


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