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Energia, Ambiente, Innovazione is the three-monthly technical and scientific magazine published by ENEA. It provides authoritative information on the progress of scientific research and its applications in the fields of new technologies, energy, and the environment, with special reference to subjects of great significance to sustainable economic development and enterprise competitiveness.

The journal publishes four special issues each year,  devoted to topics of interest to ENEA. Every issue begins with an Editorial by the Director, followed by an interview to an expert on the specific subject each issue is dedicated to.

EAI is structured into four sections, as listed here below.


This section presents articles relating to scientific research results,  development of new technologies or innovative applications, technical and scientific studies, analyses and assessments.

Point and Counterpoint

The opinions are presented and compared of two experts from different cultural backgrounds on a specific  theme.

International Framework

International contributions on the specific theme presented in each issue are here reported.

Open Space

Two or three relevant articles on topical issues are reported, which are not connected with the main argument of each issue.

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Large-Scale Land Acquisitions, Information and Institutions cover image

Lessons Learned after a Decade of Land and Natural Resources Grabbing and Possible Ways Forward

Publicación revisada por pares
Marzo, 2018

In October 2008, the NGO GRAIN published the Report “SEIZED! The 2008 land grab for food and financial security. This moment can be referred as the birthday of the recent but fast-growing literature on land grabbing or – with a more politically correct expression – Large Scale Land Acquisitions (LSLAs).

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