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Diciembre, 1997

The constitution was unanimously approved by a Constituent Assembly. It has never been entirely put into force.

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Enero, 1997
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Legislación y políticas
Enero, 1994

"Now, therefore, the Government of Eritrea has promulgated a Proclamation aimed at reforming the system of land tenure in Eritrea, determining land use, determining the manner of expropriating land to be utilized for development and national reconstruction, and determining the powers and responsibilities of the Land Commission."

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The Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Program - Project II is the second intervention in a long term Bank Programme to build communities’ resilience to drought and Climate Change, improve their livelihood and promote regional integration in the Horn of Africa. The Project will be implemented in a period of 5 years and its
total cost is UA 81.667 million, of which UA 74.982 million is paid by the Bank and the
remaining being the respective governments’ counterpart contributions.

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