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Community Organizations Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Cote d'Ivoire)
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Cote d'Ivoire)
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Cote d'Ivoire)
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Reforms have been necessary each time to enable the agricultural sector to support the economic and social development of our country.  In order to make our country emerge, a program to revitalize and modernize the agricultural sector is set up.  The NAIP is the agricultural sector stimulus program. It revolves around four strategic objectives that are:  Food security and sovereignty;  Sustainable management of cash and export crops;  Private sector engagement through increased investment;  Agricultural governance in terms of agricultural sector reforms, restructuring of agricultural professional organizations and the implementation of the law on rural land. OBJECTIVES OF NAIP  The NAIP aims to:  Revive agricultural growth at a rate of 9% per year with, in particular:  an annual growth rate for food crops estimated at 6.8%;  an annual growth rate for cash crops set at 7.6%;  an annual growth rate for animal resources set at 3%;  a forest cover rate set at 20%.  Contribute to the reduction of poverty;  Create 2,400,000 jobs over the five-year period of implementation of the NAIP;  reduce food insecurity with the aim of lifting 6 to 7 million people out of food insecurity;  Transform at least 50% of agricultural products locally. The PNIA is estimated at 2,040 billion CFA francs in 2012-2016 with:  State investments and technical and financial partners (TFP) estimated at 40% to develop agricultural infrastructure, improve governance in the sector and finance structuring projects.  investments from the private sector of 60% to intensify production, develop local processing of products and  improve marketing channels.