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mars 2015
Afrique du Sud

Despite numerous studies on townships, research into township economies and related commercial real estate markets is limited. The majority of studies refer to the economy only as part of a broader discussion about other themes such as housing.

février 2015

To find out why African countries' experience with urbanization and sustained growth appeared to differ from that of other countries, the authors investigated the determinants of urbanization across countries over 40 years. Rather than studying individuals' decisions to migrate, they relied on macroeconomic data and cross-country comparisons.

janvier 2015

The cities that emerge from Indonesia s
rapid urbanization will be key determinants of the country s
overall economic development and competitiveness, as well as
their inclusiveness and environmental sustainability.
However, without strategically planned investments, policy

janvier 2015
Asia du sud-est

Across the world, the housing sector
plays a key role in local and national economies, and
expanding access to housing can encourage more equitably
shared economic growth. This report surveys current policy
interventions designed to encourage affordable housing in

décembre 2014

Evidence is mounting that secure
property rights have positive effects for poor people in
general and women in particular. The aim of this report is
to review what is known about women s access to and control
over land and real property in urban settings, identifying

décembre 2014

This report summarizes the motivation,
objectives, methodology, results and lessons learned from
the design and implementation of the Demonstration Program
on Inclusive Heritage-based City Development in India. The
development objective of this program is to test an

décembre 2014

A disproportionately large number of
Roma in Europe today face deep poverty, social exclusion,
and poor living conditions. Improving these is critical to
achieving the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the
European Union s 10-year growth strategy, which aims to

décembre 2014

Rapid urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa
places immense pressure on urban services to meet the needs
of the burgeoning urban population. Although several
country- or city-level reports offer insight into the
housing challenges of specific places, little is known about

The Asian Coalition for Community Action's Approach to Slum Upgrading cover image
Documents de politique et mémoires
septembre 2014

This paper is a review of the experience of the Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACCA) Program operated by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR).

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