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Ceci est une version démo de la base de données publiée en octobre 2023. Nous travaillons en permanence à l'enrichissement des données. N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de toute divergence ou de toute lacune dans les informations. En savoir plus sur les données et ce qui est à venir.

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May 2015 - Jun 2019

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LEGEND aims to improve the quality and impact of land investments so they contribute sustainably to growth while safeguarding rights and opportunities for poor people, rural and urban, and especially women. It has done this through: building policy coherence globally using internationally agreed principles and guidelines, such as the VGGT and CFS RAI principles; promoting application of emerging good practice emerging across countries; and stimulating the development of innovative tools and partnerships involving civil society, private sector and governments at global, country and local levels.

Oct 2015 - Jun 2026


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The livelihoods of large parts of the world’s population depend directly on access to land. If access is denied, the results are often hunger and underdevelopment. According to UN World Food Programme estimates, half of the 815 million people suffering from hunger in 2017 were members of smallholder families. Many landowners and land users possess only informal or traditional land rights, which are often not sufficiently recognised.

Mar 2019 - Dec 2026


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LAND-at-scale is a land governance support programme for developing countries. The livelihood of a large part of the world’s population depends directly on having secure access to land. LAND-at-scale aims to contribute to fair and just tenure security and access to land and natural resources for all. This will lead to more sustainable and efficient use of land and natural resources for food, housing and production. It will also reduce conflicts and competing claims over land.

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