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Soudan du Sud

Gurtong Trust - Peace and Media Project is an independent, not-for-profit South Sudan project, which aims at removing all ethnic, political or personal obstacles on the way to unity, peace and mutual respect among South Sudanese.

At Gurtong we use our media platforms to engage with different sections of the community both on the ground and online including the women, youth within South Sudan and in the Diaspora.

Our work is built on four pillars:

Peace – Gurtong promotes peace and reconciliation for the benefit of the people of South Sudan

Information – Gurtong facilitates access to information by provision of well researched information and enlightening our audiences on governance, health, economic development, education, travel related issues.

Culture – Gurtong supports increased knowledge and celebration of the values of our cultural diversity by making available information on the different ethnic communities in South Sudan.

News and Features – Gurtong aims at providing regular and up-to-date of news and feature stories from across South Sudan.

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Soudan du Sud, Afrique septentrionale, Afrique

This Act concerns investment in the South Sudan economy by public, co-operative, mixed, national, private, and foreign sectors in, among other things, agricultural, livestock, mining and tourism. It sets out objects of investment and establishes the Investment Board. Investment shall, among other objects, contribute or geared towards poverty eradication and or environmental protection. The Act also concerns settlement of disputes and allotment of land for projects by the Commissioner after consultation with any other concerned authorities.

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