Degradation of Coastlines under the Pressure of Urbanization and Tourism: Evidence on the Change of Land Systems from Europe, Asia and Africa | Land Portal

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août 2020
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The importance of studying coastal areas is justified by their resources, ecosystem services, and key role played in socio-economic development. Coastal landscapes are subject to increasing demands and pressures, requiring in-depth analyses for finding appropriate tools or policies for a sustainable landscape management. The present study addresses this issue globally, based on case studies from three continents: Romania (Europe), Algeria (Africa), and Vietnam (Asia), focusing on the anthropogenic pressure resulting from land use/land cover change or urban sprawl, taking into account the role of socioeconomic and political factors. The methodology consisted of producing maps and computing and analyzing indicators, correlating geospatial and socio-economic data in a synergistic manner to explore the changes of landscapes, and identify the specific driving forces. The findings show that the pressure of urbanization and tourism on coastal areas increased, while the drivers and impacts vary. Urbanization is due to derogatory planning in Romania and Algeria, and different national and local goals in Vietnam. The two drivers determine local exemptions from the national regulations, made for profit. In addition to the need for developing and enforcing policies for stopping the degradation and restoring the ecosystems, the findings underline the importance of international cooperation in policy development.

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Petrişor, Alexandru-Ionuţ
Hamma, Walid
Nguyen, Huu D.
Randazzo, Giovanni
Muzirafuti, Anselme
Stan, Mari-Isabella
Tran, Van T.
Aştefănoaiei, Roxana
Bui, Quang-Thanh
Vintilă, Dragoş-Florian
Truong, Quang H.
Lixăndroiu, Cristina
Ţenea, Diana-Doina
Sîrodoev, Igor
Ianoş, Ioan


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