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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) is functioning as the national statistics agency of the country. Welcome to the official website of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. This website is an exhibition of the current functions and data storage of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Browse through pages and links to find the information you want. Recognizing the importance of statistics in formulating proper planning, development and monitoring of progress in Bangladesh after the 1971 independence struggle, as a result of the far-sighted thinking of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and under his direction in August 1974, 4 statistics offices Bureau, Agricultural Bureau of Agricultural Statistics under the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Census Commission and the Census Commission under the Ministry of Home Affairs) were created by merging the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.



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Preliminary Report on Agricultural Census 2019

Reports & Research
Septembre, 2019

The Agriculture Census 2019, the sixth in its series, is an agricultural statistical venture of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). Not only has Bangladesh recorded persistent economic growth of 7.86 to 8.13%, but it has also achieved a substantial reduction in poverty rate. Bangladesh retains a strong commitment to social cohesion and to a progressive development agenda. The accelerated economic growth in the country is a consequence of this socio-economic development particularly in regards to the growth of agriculture sector.