Large-Scale Land Acquisitions for Agricultural Development in Myanmar: A Review of Past and Current Processes | Land Portal

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December 2018
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i-vi, 72

WEB INTRODUCTION: The literature on agricultural large-scale land acquisition in Myanmar is rather fragmented and consists mainly of case studies. While these provide key insights into particular stories, they often fail to identify the main patterns and trends at country level. To fill such gaps, this thematic study aims to present an updated synthesis of the genealogy, institutional complexity and the ins and outs of large-scale land acquisition processes for agricultural development in Myanmar. Specifically, this thematic study aims to: i) understand the historical evolution of large-scale land acquisition in Myanmar; ii) examine institutional pluralism that governs agro-industrial land transactions nowadays; iii) provide an update in respect of agro-industrial land transactions as of 2017; iv) examine the extent to which LSLA has ignited land conflicts across the country; and v) present recommendations for the current and future management of large-scale land acquisition processes in Myanmar.

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U_San_Thein, _ Diepart, Jean-Christophe U_Hlwan_Moe, _ Allaverdian, Celine

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