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March 2021
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A 22 minute video about one of the biggest cases of agricultural land grabbing in Senegal: 20,000 hectares;first allocated to Senhuile-Sénéthanol;now known as Les Fermes de la Téranga. The Italian investors Tampieri Financial Group pulled out of the project in 2017 and the new owners – Agro Industries Corp;based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands – arrived in 2018. But nothing is being cultivated on this vast terrain near the Lac de Guiers and the 37 villages of herders and their families;who consider themselves victims of a giant land speculation;are still there without access to their land. Shows the impossible situation in which these communities find themselves. Argues the absolute necessity to put an end to this abuse that has been going on for more than 10 years and to give back control of these lands to the herders.

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Prindex (Ibrahima Ka and Cynthia Burning

Prindex - Perceptions of tenure security

Prindex (PRINDEX)

PRIndex, the Global Property Rights Index, is a collaborative initiative between Global Land Alliance and the Overseas Development Institute (with staff from both organisations working on the project alongside expert consultants), that aims to develop and roll out the first global measurement of peoples’ perceptions of their property rights.

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Mokoro is pleased to host the ’Land Rights in Africa’ site as a contribution to the land rights dialogue and related debates. This website was created in January 2000 by Robin Palmer, and was originally housed by Oxfam GB, where Robin worked as a Land Rights Adviser. A library of resources on land rights in Africa – with a particular focus on women’s land rights and on the impact of land grabbing in Africa – the portal has been well received by practitioners, researchers and policy makers, and has grown considerably over the years.

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