Report Of The Four Member Committee For Investigation Into The Proposal Submitted By The Orissa Mining Company For Bauxite Mining Niyamgiri | Land Portal

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August 2010
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The Orissa government’s agreement with Vedanta Alumina to allow mining of bauxite deposits in the Niyamgiri hills, the home of the Dongaria Kondha tribe, is an example of how corporate interests backed by state support are trampling on tribal livelihoods and threatening an ecologically rich and important region.

On August 16, 2010, a committee headed by N C Saxena warned that plans by Vedanta Resources to mine on Dongria Kondh land in eastern India threaten the survival of the tribe. This led to the Indian government refusing clearance to the project. 

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Dr N C Saxena , Dr S Parasuraman, Dr Promode Kant,
Dr Amita Baviskar

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