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May, 2017
Sierra Leone

Since the onset of the phenomenon of large scale land acquisition for agri-business in Sierra Leone, after the first whistle was blown by Green Scenery, many studies have been conducted by various researchers, some to meet requirements for degree thesis, others for policy and development purposes. There is the fear in a school of thought opposed to large scale land acquisition that there is danger in corporate entities ascribing huge portions of land to themselves in the guise of investment and annihilating the actual land owners.

Implementing organizations: 
Geographical focus: 

Undertake monitoring, research and data gathering for evidence based advocacy and lobby to influence the Office of the President, the Ministry of Land, Country Planning and the Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Local Government, donor partners and Paramount Chiefs at national and district level.
Advocate for review of contracts and agreements and making them public
Mobilise communities in Pujehun, Port Loko and Bombali Districts and support affected communities to speak out.

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