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Dezembro 2002
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The management of conflict over land and natural resources is a very broad issue and there is a growing literature on techniques that have potential for use in this field. At the moment, the Land Tenure Service of FAO’s Rural Development Division is working towards achieving a deeper understanding of the current methods and practices in land conflict management and is gathering cases from all over the world to ascertain the techniques used and the results achieved. This edition of Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives, prepared with the strong support of Ms A. Herrera, of the Land Tenure Service, reflects some of the Organization’s recent activities in this area. Ricardo Ramírez’ article provides a framework for considering the question of land conflict. The full article can be found on the FAO SD Dimensions Web site (available at www.fao.org/sd/2002/IN0301_en.htm). This article is backed up by Sofia Monsalve’s article, which outlines the importance of the legal framework and of rights in land. The remaining articles, a selection drawn from Africa (Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau), Latin America (Mexico, Ecuador) and Asia (the Philippines), provide detailed case studies of land and natural resource conflict and its management in the field.

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