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Inequities in land tenure have existed throughout the history of Colombia. This is primarily due to competing interests between small landholdings (minifundios) and large estates (latifundios); between peasants and landowners.

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Land Formalization in Colombia: introducing the LAND-at-scale project

23 March 2021

LAND-at-scale has started to work in Colombia on land formalization through a Fit for purpose approach in Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. The project is based on previous work by Kadaster International, who piloted the Fit for Purpose methodology successfully in Colombia. In this LAND-at…

Covid an Excuse to Strip Tropical Forests: Indigenous Groups

18 February 2021

PARIS (AFP) — Governments worldwide are using the Covid-19 pandemic to push through destructive development projects and roll back protections of indigenous groups, according to a global report on deforestation and rule of law released Thursday. An assessment by the Forest People’s Programme of…

Community Participation and Inclusion during a Pandemic

Community Participation and Inclusion during a Pandemic: Recent Experiences from Around the World

20 October 2020

How can we reconcile the hazards of social interaction in a COVID-19 world with the importance of community participation to the successful, and sustainable, implementation of on-going land projects? The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all aspects of life and ways of working. From large cities to…



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The Power of Data: Measuring Perceptions of Property Rights

17 October 2018

Until today, the world had no internationally comparable data on citizens’ perceptions of the security their property rights; no way of tracking how people evaluated the likelihood of their home or other land being taken from them. As of today, that changes: Prindex unveils the first wave of our…

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Semana Internacional de la Sociedad Civil - ICSW 2016

La Semana Internacional de la Sociedad Civil (ICSW por sus siglas en inglés) 2016 se celebrará en Bogotá, Colombia, del 25 al 28 de abril con el fin de: Conectar las diferentes fuentes y fuerzas de la acción ciudadana, empoderando a la sociedad civil para que sea más sólida y eficaz, garantizar la…