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Something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or bounding line.

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Febrero 2016

Public land is a resource that should be effectively managed in the public’s best interest in line with provisions of the Constitutions of Kenya and the Land Act. The management framework governing land use and development decisions on public land should ensure protection and sustainable management of the land.

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Febrero 2016

Conservation is a fundamentally spatial pursuit. Human–elephant conflict (HEC), in particular crop-raiding, is a significant and complex conservation problem wherever elephants and people occupy the same space. Conservationists and wildlife managers build electrified fences as a technical solution to this problem.

Enero 2016

The objective of this paper is to review and analyze existing literature on Public Private Dialogue (PPD) and the way it can be applied to address the issues of competitiveness at the city level. The paper aims to explain how traditional PPD approaches and techniques
should be adjusted for application at the city level.

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Diciembre 2015

Land uses are changing rapidly in Vietnam’s upland northern borderlands. Regional development platforms such as the Greater Mekong Subregion, state-propelled market integration and reforestation programs, and lowland entrepreneurs and migrants are all impacting this frontier landscape.

Julio 2015

This issue of the Handshake, IFCs
quarterly journal on public-private partnerships, contains
the following topics of interest: weighing the options: burn
or bury?; waste and climate: supporting governments;
community engagement: integrating Indias informal sector; an

Julio 2015

This issue includes the following
headings: finding the right broadband public-private
partnership (PPP): whats key for emerging economies?; reform
has its rewards: telecom takes off in Myanmar; e-gov
excellence: models from Colombia, Ghana, India, and

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Junio 2015

Utaran began work on the Sustainable Access to Land Equality (SALE) project to ensure transparency and accountability in land governance in December 2012, in partnership with CARE Internaional UK and Manusher Jonno Foundaion (MJF).

Diciembre 2014

This is the second edition of the 2003
paper entitled "Facilitation of transport and trade in
Sub-Saharan Africa : a review of international legal
instruments - Treaties, conventions, protocols, decisions,
directives." Three major reasons motivated this update

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