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Something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or bounding line.

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Marzo 2014

This note aims at providing feedback on
Brazil's successful experience in using performance
based contracts in the rehabilitation and maintenance of the
road networks. Since its introduction in the early
2000's, the use of this contract management model has

Febrero 2014

Fragile and conflict-affected states (FCS) have become an important focus of World Bank Group assistance in recent years as recognition of the linkages between fragility, conflict, violence, and poverty has grown.

Publicación revisada por pares
Diciembre 2013

Mapping large areas for planning and conservation is a challenge undergoing rapid transformation. For centuries, the creation of broad-extent maps was the near-exclusive domain of expert specialist cartographers, who painstakingly delineated regions of relative homogeneity with respect to a given set of criteria.

Junio 2013
África subsahariana

The trends toward ecosystem degradation
and social change are affecting coastal areas around the
world, not least in Sub-Saharan Africa. The crisis affecting
this region's coastal and marine areas requires an
urgent and resolute response from the global community. This

Febrero 2013

The purpose of this Transport Sector
Note (TSN) is to assist the Palestinian Authority (PA) in
developing a strategy for the sector that can aid in
addressing the immediate constraints and transport issues in
support of the PA's effort to revive the national

Febrero 2013
Bosnia y Herzegovina

This report highlights deficiencies and
indicates priorities for a prospective national transport
strategy and action plan for further consideration by key
stakeholders. The overall objective should be the
development of a transport system, and an institutional

Febrero 2013

Forest-sector collaborative arrangements
come in many forms. The local partner may be a community, an
association, or a set of individual landholders. The outside
partner may be a private organization or a government. The
interest of the local partner may be production of income

Legislación y políticas
Noviembre 2012


Date of assent: 24th July, 2012.

Date of commencement: See Section 1.

An Act of Parliament to give effect to Chapter Eleven of the Constitution; to provide for county governments' powers, functions and responsibilities to deliver services and for connected purpose

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