Whose Land? Webinar Series | Land Portal
Septiembre 2022 to Marzo 2023
Both Ends

Together with environmental justice and human rights groups from poor and developing countries, Both ENDS works towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive world.

The vision of Both ENDS is a world where long-term environmental sustainability and social equity take priority over short-term profits.

 Webinar Series: Whose Land? Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance

The Land Portal Foundation and Both ENDS launched the Whose Land? Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance webinar series in 2022. The four-part webinar series provides a platform for different stakeholders engaged in land governance to exchange on the importance of inclusivity and meaningful participation of all relevant actors in both formal and informal land governance processes. 

Each webinar considers what inclusivity means in practice through the lens of local communities, open data, gender equity, and donor funding, respectively. They explore how inclusivity can be better embedded in the programming and policies of those aiming to advance people-centered land governance. 

Led by expert moderators, each webinar features diverse voices from all parts of the world. 

About Land Portal

The Land Portal Foundation believes access to information is crucial to achieve good land  governance and to secure land rights for vulnerable people. We help partners to create and  disseminate land governance data and information through linked and open data  technologies. The work of the Land Portal therefore strives to improve the documentation, mapping and monitoring of land governance issues. This serves to democratise the information ecosystem and strengthen flows of land governance data, from all perspectives and all levels. Finally the Land Portal promotes, informs and enriches the global debate on land issues.

About Both ENDS 

Both ENDS is a human rights and environmental justice organisation working towards a world  in which human rights are respected, gender justice is realised, and the environment is  fostered and protected, thus assuring a life in dignity and prosperity for all. Our mission is to  strengthen civil society globally to gain critical influence over decisions and activities that  affect people’s rights and the environment. We are a Dutch NGO with an international  network of civil society organisations working from the grassroots up to the global level. Our network of partner organisations around the world is, and always has been, the starting point  of our actions.

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Empowering civil society and communities through open land data
14 Junio 2022
Lilian Lee
América del Sur

The second webinar of the Whose Land? -  Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance series focused on the opportunities and constraints of civil society in advocating for more open land data and in harnessing its power for improved land governance. 

Showcasing transformative approaches for women’s land rights
22 Septiembre 2022
Lilian Lee

Empowering women to occupy leadership roles and to take an active part in decision making processes in land governance has demonstrated that strides can be made towards gender justice.

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