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Act No. 8 of 2010

Législation et politiques
juin, 2010

"An Act to repeal and replace the law relating to land, provide for the grant of titles to land, the conversion of titles to land, the better securing of titles to land, the administration of land, the expropriation of land for public purposes, the grant of servitudes, the creation of land courts and the settlement of disputes relating to land; systematic regularisation and adjudication; and for connected purposes.

Enacted by the Parliament of Lesotho"

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décembre, 1993

The constitution was drafted by a National Constituent Assembly and commenced by an Order of the Military Council.

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janvier, 1975

This Act amends the Land Husbandry Act 1969: in section 3 (2) (b) by deleting the words "of section 93 of the Constitution" and substituting the following therefor "of section 4 of the Land Act 1973"; in section 4 relative to consultation of local authorities by the Minister when making of Regulations in regard to a particular agricultural area; and by deleting section 5. Section 5 concerned consultation by the Minister when making Regulations.

Amends: Land Husbandry Act, 1969 (No. 22 of 1969). (1969-04-23)

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The project aims to support 15,000 smallholder farmers' households to exploit opportunities to increase their productivity and diversify into market-oriented agriculture. The project area covers four of Lesotho’s 10 districts: Berea, Leribe, Butha Buthe and Mafeteng. Emphasis is placed on identifying commercially viable activities that can be replicated and successfully scaled up.
Land and natural resource governance activities include the preparation and implementation of three year Agricultural Investment Plans and the formulation of land use and settlement plans.

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