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Government of Lesotho



This is the classification for any and all of Lesotho's government entities and organs.



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Land Act

Legislation & Policies
May, 2010

"An Act to repeal and replace the law relating to land, provide for the grant of titles to land, the conversion of titles to land, the better securing of titles to land, the administration of land, the expropriation of land for public purposes, the grant of servitudes, the creation of land courts and the settlement of disputes relating to land; systematic regularisation and adjudication; and for connected purposes.

Enacted by the Parliament of Lesotho"

Land Husbandry (Amendment) Act (No. 19 of 1974).

January, 1975

This Act amends the Land Husbandry Act 1969: in section 3 (2) (b) by deleting the words "of section 93 of the Constitution" and substituting the following therefor "of section 4 of the Land Act 1973"; in section 4 relative to consultation of local authorities by the Minister when making of Regulations in regard to a particular agricultural area; and by deleting section 5. Section 5 concerned consultation by the Minister when making Regulations.

Amends: Land Husbandry Act, 1969 (No. 22 of 1969). (1969-04-23)

Town and Country Planning (Development) Order (L.N. No. 233 of 1991).

Southern Africa

This Order specifies permitted development, requires a planning permission to be obtained for certain development and provides with respect to other matters related to development control. Any planning permission granted shall run with the land. The permission granted by the Planning Authority shall be subject to the standard conditions contained in Part II of the First Schedule. Planning permission may also be granted by a local council if authority has been delegated to such council.