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Community / Land projects / Communal Land Development Project

Communal Land Development Project


01/14 - 12/18


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The CLDP project is implemented as an integral part of the PCLD and is structured along a series of causally interlinked activities. Existing customary land rights and infrastructure will be mapped and registered in a designated Namibian Communal Land Administration System (NCLAS). The information provided by this system will be used during the planning phase where, depending on the complexity of an area, an Integrated Regional Land Use Plan (IRLUP) or initially only a Local Level Participatory Plan (LLPP) will be developed. This will result in the registration of legitimate existing land rights, as mapped and validated in the first step, as well as the registration of “new” land rights which emanate from and are defined in the participatory planning process. These land rights can accrue to individuals as well as to groups of people, and are an important step towards securing the remaining commonage in the interest of more marginalised rural residents, as well as creating a conducive environment for private investments on the land. Planning for, and investments in infrastructure developments, will explore a mix of potential interventions which make provisions for different ownership, management and land use options to stimulate diversification options. Advisory services will strengthen both the planning phase, as well as the optimal utilisation of the infrastructure investments in order foster the integration of rural communities in the mainstream economy.