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Formalizing Rural Land Rights in West Africa

Novembro, 2015

This paper presents early evidence from
the first large-scale randomized-controlled trial of a land
formalization program. The study examines the links between
land demarcation and investment in rural Benin in light of a
model of agricultural production under insecure tenure. The
demarcation process involved communities in the mapping and
attribution of land rights; cornerstones marked parcel
boundaries and offered lasting landmarks. Consistent with

Impact of Property Rights Reform to Support China’s Rural-Urban Integration

Agosto, 2015

As part of a national experiment, in
2008 Chengdu prefecture implemented ambitious property
rights reforms, including complete registration of all land
together with measures to ease transferability and eliminate
labor market restrictions. This study uses a discontinuity
design with spatial fixed effects to compare 529 villages
just inside and outside the prefecture’s border. The results
suggest that the reforms increased tenure security, aligned

Políticas de Tierras vigentes en el Perú - Laureano del Castillo. CEPES (octubre 2014)

Policy Papers & Briefs
Julho, 2015

El presente documento contiene una breve sistematización de las políticas vigentes en el Perú en torno al acceso y control de la tierra por parte de pequeños agricultores y comunidades. Su lectura debe complementar la del documento sobre legislación, preparado igualmente para el Movimiento por la Tierra en Sudamérica.

Farmland Investments and Water Rights: The legal regimes at stake

Reports & Research
Maio, 2015

Report brings together the multiple legal strands that weave together and form the context of farmland investments and water rights. Farmland investments are about much more than simple commercial land transactions; they have great impacts on the amount of water available for local communities and other states. Demonstrates that water is a precious resource facing growing pressures from climate change, population growth and urbanization. The water abstracted to maintain production of large-scale commercial farming further exacerbates these strains and must be given due consideration.

The Misallocation of Land and Other Factors of Production in India

Março, 2015

This paper quantifies the misallocation of manufacturing output and factors of production between establishments across Indian districts during 1989-2010. It first distills a number of stylized facts about misallocation in India, and demonstrates the validity of misallocation metrics by connecting them to regulatory changes in India that affected real property. With this background, the study next quantifies the implications and determinants of factor and output misallocation.

The Stolen Lands of Afghanistan and its People

Reports & Research
Fevereiro, 2015

The second in a series of three reports entitled, “The Stolen Lands of Afghanistan and its People; The State Land Distribution System,” this report focuses on how state lands are distributed. This paper is the result of a desktop review and joint research by the UNAMA Rule of Law Unit (RoL) and the Civil Affairs Unit (CAU) in seven provinces—Kabul, Nangarhar, Kunduz, Balkh, Herat, Gardez, and Kandahar.

Expanding Women's Access to Land and Housing in Urban Areas

Dezembro, 2014

Evidence is mounting that secure
property rights have positive effects for poor people in
general and women in particular. The aim of this report is
to review what is known about women s access to and control
over land and real property in urban settings, identifying
approaches to strengthening property rights that enhance
women s agency, and sharing key lessons. Section two
synthesizes the evidence on urban women s priorities with

Rampur Hydropower Project : Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Community Development Practices

Setembro, 2014

SJVN Limited (SJVNL), a mini ratna
public sector undertaking of the Government of India (GoI),
is implementing the World Bank funded 412 MW
run-of-the-river hydro power project at Rampur in Himachal
Pradesh, immediately downstream of and in cascade operation
with the 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Project (NJHP).
Located in Shimla and Kullu districts, the Rampur Project
involves the construction of a 15.17 km, 10.5 m of diameter,

Arab Republic of Egypt Urban Sector Note : Volume 2. Towards An Urban Sector Strategy

Agosto, 2014

The objective of this paper is to
present a succinct and up-to-date review of the urban sector
in Egypt, with a focus on issues for which there is new
insight or emerging government interest. The two main themes
of the report are the challenges facing the urban sector and
the policy implications at various levels of government.
Some of the reports mains findings are: urbanization in
Egypt takes on forms and processes which are not well

Land Allocation in Vietnam's Agrarian Transition

Julho, 2014

While liberalizing key factor markets is
a crucial step in the transition from a socialist
control-economy to a market economy, the process can be
stalled by imperfect information, high transaction costs,
and covert resistance from entrenched interests. The authors
study land-market adjustment in the wake of Vietnam's
reforms aiming to establish a free market in land-use rights
following de-collectivization. Inefficiencies in the initial

A Brief History of Urban Development and Upgrading in Swaziland

Julho, 2014

This history illustrates a number of
themes encountered in Swaziland that faces developing
countries and their external partners in Africa and beyond.
Firstly, the history relates the experience of a small and
comparatively insular country in addressing complex
challenges deriving from rapid urbanization and, as a
result, the growing need to adapt governance systems and
structures. A second key issue is the challenge that small