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A call for transitional housing for evictees in Cape Town

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Junho 2017
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As of 2017, the City of Cape Town offers little support to residents who will become homeless because of eviction, except a one way ticket to a relocation camp on the periphery of the city.  Good law led to a clear obligation to provide temporary emergency accommodation but was very poorly implemented. Relocation camps on the periphery isolate residents from community networks and affect their ability to access good services and income. 

Temporary accommodation for evictees in the inner-city and other urban nodes is a necessary housing intervention. It protects access to urban opportunities for poor and working-class people, and actively challenges patterns of historical displacement which have seen black poor and working-class people displaced from urban areas of opportunity.

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Ndifuna Ukwazi - Dare to Know

Ndifuna Ukwazi is an activist organisation and law centre that promotes the realisation of Constitutional Rights and Social Justice – through legal, research and organising support to working class people, communities and social movements. The organistion works to advance urban land justice – that is the protection and promotion of access to affordable, well located housing in Cape Town; building inclusive and sustainable mixed use and mixed income communities; and supporting tenant rights and security of tenure in both private and public housing.

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