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To reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human nutrition in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture.


CIAT’s staff includes about 200 scientists. Supported by a wide array of donors, the Center collaborates with hundreds of partners to conduct high-quality research and translate the results into development impact. A Board of Trustees provides oversight of CIAT’s research and financial management.


- Shared organizational ethic
- We respect each other, our partners, and the people who benefit from our work. We act with honesty, integrity, transparency, and environmental responsibility in all of our joint endeavors.

- Learning through partnerships
- We work efficiently and pragmatically together and with partners. Considering our diversity to be a key asset, we adapt readily to change and strive to improve our performance through continuous learning.

- Innovation for impact
- We develop innovative solutions to important challenges in tropical agriculture, resulting in major benefits for the people who support, participate in, and profit from our work.

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Documentos e relatórios de conferência
Dezembro, 1975
Colômbia, América do Sul, América Central

El siguiente documento contiene una revisión de literatura sobre el manejo y la utilización de las praderas naturales en el tropico americano, donde enfatiza la poca información e investigación sobre el manejo y utilización de las sabanas tropicales de América, y por consiguiente se hace necesario recurrir a la informaciónm existente en Africa y Australia aun cuando, en muchos casos, dichas áreas de sabana se salgan del tropico y caigan más bien en el subtrópico.

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