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ICEM – International Centre for Environmental Management is an award-winning independent technical service centre that assists government, private sector and communities to define and implement policies for sustainable development. Established in 1999, ICEM is staffed by full-time international and national technical and administrative personnel.

ICEM operates through a core of specialists in biodiversity conservation, climate change, water resources management, strategic environmental assessment, and environmental and social economics.

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Relatórios e Pesquisa
Dezembro, 2014
Cambodja, Vietnam, Tailândia

This report provides an outline of protected areas and biodiversity in the Lower Mekong Basin. The analysis contains an overview of threats to protected areas from climate change, as well as non-climate threats such as land concessions, infrastructure development, illegal activities, and agriculture.

Library Resource
Janeiro, 2010
Vietnam, Oceânia, Ásia Oriental, Ásia Meridional

Climate change prompts policymakers to pursue a low carbon energy pathway in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, this can lead to trade-offs with other sustainability objectives. This policy brief outlines key issues relating to biodiversity and the development of the hydropower sector in Vietnam. It is aimed at informing policymakers, civil society and donors. It argues that the large-scale development of the country’s hydropower sector is being undertaken without due consideration of the impacts that this is having on the nation’s biodiversity.

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