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Afghanistan Legal Education Project
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Mehdi Hakimi, executive director, Rule of Law Program


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559 Nathan Abbott Way
94305 Stanford , California
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The Afghanistan Legal Education Project (ALEP) was founded in 2007 as a student-driven initiative under Stanford Law School’s Rule of Law Program. Since then, ALEP has published eight textbooks about Afghan law for Afghan audiences, and has an additional four forthcoming. In 2017, ALEP received a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of State, to help ALEP continue its textbook-writing capabilities and support the BA-LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Law) degree program at the American University of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Legal Education Project Resources

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Library Resource
An Introduction to the Property Law of Afghanistan
Manuais e Diretrizes
Dezembro, 2015


At the beginning of this textbook, the authors would like to make two suggestions about how to approach the study of property law.

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