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Bangladesh Law Digest (BDLD) is a leading law journal in Bangladesh. It started its journey on June 2, 2015 with a view to providing the lawyers, legal researchers and law students with a brilliant platform to dissect, analyze and synthesize various issues pertaining to the legal field. It strives to develop legal research and writing skills of students while publishing articles that serve both practitioners and academicians.

BDLD arranges seminars and competitions on various legal issues three times a year. Law students from almost all universities across Bangladesh participate in the programs. BDLD has a tremendous database of barristers, judges, lawyers, legal researchers and law students.

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Drawbacks of land administration system in Bangladesh and some feasible solutions
Artigos e Livros
Agosto, 2015

The land administration system in Bangladesh is not well-developed. It is beset with multiple defects and problems. It is corrupt, inefficient, and unreliable and inherently contains systematic weaknesses. Corruption has become a grave issue in this sector. A World Bank survey reveals that most crimes and corruptions in Bangladesh take place in land-related services. It has estimated that more than 3.2 million land-related cases are pending before the judiciary. A large number of the aggrieved persons is not empowered enough to approach the courts for litigation.

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