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The Delegations play a vital role in representing the EU and its citizens around the globe and building networks and partnerships. The main role is to represent the EU in the country where they are based and to promote the values and interests of the EU.

They are responsible for all policy areas of the relationship between the EU and the host country – be they political, economic, trade or on human rights and in building relationships with partners in civil society. In addition they analyse and report on political developments in their host country. They also programme development cooperation through projects and grants. A fundamental aspect of a Delegation is its public diplomatic role which consists in increasing the visibility, awareness and understanding of the EU.

Delegations are diplomatic missions and are usually responsible for one country, although some are representatives to several countries. The EU also has Delegations to international organisations like the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation for example.

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Dezembro, 2019

We cannot live without healthy land and soil. It is on land that we produce most of our food and we build our homes. For all species — animals and plants living on land or water — land is vital. Soil — one of the essential components of land — is a very complex and often undervalued element, teeming with life. Unfortunately, the way we currently use land and soil in Europe and in the world is not sustainable. This has significant impacts on life on land.

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Dezembro, 2016

Land take, or the change from non-artificial to artificial land cover, reflects on-going and often conflicting claims on land. Some of the land that is 'taken' for urban development is covered with an impervious surface, which severely hampers ecosystem functioning and the related delivery of ecosystem services.

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Dezembro, 2015

Agricultural practices have adapted over millennia to regional and local variations in weather conditions. But as the effects of climate change become more noticeable, further adaptation becomes essential to ensure food security in Europe.

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Dezembro, 2014
América do Sul, América Central

The objective of the study is to provide methodological instruments to governments in Latin America to facilitate the identification of the vulnerability of the physical infrastructure of coastal marine areas to climate change and facilitate the identification of adaptation options. It sets out the main ideas covered, that takes the experiences, lessons learned and best practices in the beneficiary countries of the EUROCLIMA programme in order to estimate and reduce the vulnerability of coastal marine infrastructures in the face of climate change.

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Artigos e Livros
Dezembro, 2013

The objective of this study is to assess the impact of the possible effects of the CAP reform
proposals, i.e. the proposed new CAP payments, on EU land.
There are important differences among land markets in EU Member States with respect to
 The nature of the land market (exchanges), in particular the role of rental versus
sales markets;
 Level of agricultural land prices;
 Evolution of agricultural land sales and rental prices;
 Land market regulations and institutions.

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