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Landscapes Finance 2021-2025


01/16 - 12/20


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IDH has focused the work of the landscape program on the concept of PPI: Production-Protection-Inclusion. IDH is implementing this concept through the development of PPI compacts in 11 landscapes in seven countries. These are agreements between public, private and civil society parties to enhance sustainable productive land and secure livelihoods in exchange for natural resource conservation. IDH convenes coalitions that develop these compacts. The compacts are based on participatory land-use planning, whereby land for production (increasing productivity), livelihoods (income diversification, resilience, access to markets) and protection (forest, water, soil) is clearly identified, and their related uses are agreed on by the landscape stakeholders and recognized by local and national governments. The compacts also include goals for each of the PPI components, a time-bound plan of action, clear definition of roles and responsibilities, and a budget for implementation. The compacts are the basis for the PPI Fund and other investors to invest in the landscapes, as well as the basis for regional sourcing by supply chain companies. This will result in coalitions that are self-sustaining, are linked to markets, and prove the business case for landscape-level interventions and investments.

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