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Under this resource type, typically you will find land-related information with a more scientific approach. Examples of these documents can be journal articles, academic publications, PhD dissertations and theses, as well as discussions papers, books and book chapters.

Journal Articles & Books
November 2020
Sierra Leone

Within the framework of implementing the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT), this paper summarizes the empirical findings from three sequentially related phases of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) VGGT programme, implemented as a pilot project in 2018.

Acta Scientiarum
Journal Articles & Books
January 2003
South America

Neste estudo multidisciplinar aproveitou-se os trabalhos de manejo e conservação dos solos e da água em microbacias hidrográ ficas, que foram realizados no estado do Paraná , no ú ltimo quartel do sé culo XX, para avaliar se o preç o da terra é sensí vel à s melhorias ambientais.

Journal Articles & Books
August 2017

The Philippines faces a breadth of social and environmental challenges that threaten its economic and political stability. A long history of violent conflict stemming from ethnic, religious, and political tensions is further complicated by changing weather patterns that cause severe drought and damaging storms.

Journal Articles & Books
September 2020

The main principles and features of conducting agricultural roduction are highlighted. The ways of ensuring sustainable development of agricultural production, food security of the country,  and export of agricultural products are shown. Markets of agricultural products, resources, the efficiency of land, labor, and capital use in the agricultural sector are considered.

Journal Articles & Books
March 2020

En Afrique rurale, la place des tensions autour de la terre et des ressources naturelles dans des conflits armés mettant en danger la sécurité nationale et parfois internationale a attiré l’attention de nombreux observateurs sur les rapports complexes entre foncier et violence politique.

Fonte da Fonto:
Journal Articles & Books
September 2017
Sub-Saharan Africa
Os discursos e posicionamentos sobre o regime de propriedade da terra em Moçambique não são coincidentes.
UN Webtv
Journal Articles & Books
April 2012
Na primeira década do século XXI, em todo o mundo foram adquiridos, por estrangeiros, 203 milhões de ha de terras, sendo 134 milhões localizados na África. Esta “corrida às terras”, promovida por países desenvolvidos ou em desenvolvimento, entre os quais o Brasil, é caracterizada por investimento agrícola e aquisição de terras para satisfazer basicamente demandas alimentares ou energéticas.
Journal Articles & Books
September 2015

In Timor-Leste, customary institutions contribute to sustainable and equitable rural development and the establishment of improved access to and management of land, water and other natural resources.

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