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Under this resource type, typically you will find land-related information with a more scientific approach. Examples of these documents can be journal articles, academic publications, PhD dissertations and theses, as well as discussions papers, books and book chapters.

Journal Articles & Books
September 2019
Sub-Saharan Africa

The New Urban Agenda and SDG 11 promote inclusive urban development, but limited empirical
knowledge exists on how such global rhetoric plays out on the ground. This paper contributes
to the inclusive city debate by focusing on the case of Soba, a peri-urban area at the fringes
of the capital of Sudan. Based on an explorative study of secondary material, semi-structured

Status of Land Tenure Security in Nepal
Journal Articles & Books
June 2016

Land is a fundamental natural resource for living, an economic asset for production, legal entity with multiple rights over it and above all, a societal factor for self-actualization. So, ownership of land has multi-faceted understanding around the world.

Journal Articles & Books
August 2020

Smallholder farmers are an important piece in the country’s agriculture puzzle and attainment of food security.

With the globe facing looming food security issues, the smallholder farmers are and have always been stakeholders not be left behind.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2020
South America

O volume I do livro Terra e Trabalho, cujo subtítulo é “Usos e Abusos do Espaço Agrário Brasileiro”, é composto por uma coletânea de autores que abordam diferentes temas atinentes à Geografia, apresentando visões e abordagens diversificadas sobre o espaço agrário brasileiro, trazidas por pesquisadores especialmente convidados para aportarem suas contribuições.

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Journal Articles & Books
March 2020
Western Africa

Le futur de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, son équilibre économique, politique et social dépendent de la capacité du secteur de l’agriculture à s’adapter pour garantir la sécu- rité alimentaire dans un contexte de pressions multiples comme celles engendrées par le changement climatique et la croissance démographique.

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Journal Articles & Books
January 2002

This article summarizes the nature of land-related conflicts in the Philippines within the context of the prevailing agrarian situation throughout the country. An analysis of the agrarian institutions and different types of development that have occurred in a number of regions provide a broad representation of the current situation.

Journal Articles & Books
May 2021
Western Africa

Benefit-sharing agreements and community contracts are intended to ensure affected communities are involved in and benefit from the management of forest resources, but communities have often been left feeling short-changed.

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